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In The Beginning…

ANewPretty has come a LONG way… I mean, even before ANewPretty, (almost 10 yrs ago) there was DGDESIGNZ. And this actually ties in because DGDESIGNZ at one point used to design for TRINA. It was TRINA, Jamar & the rest of her team who actually provided our first major business break somewhere around the end of MySpace. And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe TRINA somehow also gave Keyshia KAOIR her first break while assisting her with the launch of KAOIR Cosmetics… which I thought was pretty cool & slightly ironic.

Unfortunately DGDESIGNZ was forced to dissolve due to extreme & unfortunate circumstances beyond our control shortly following a move to Dallas Tx. 

Let There Be “ANewPretty”

Anyways fast forward to the near present… After emerging from the dark corridor that DGDESIGNZ had become enveloped in, I was at a lost for hope. My business, my partner, my home, my $$$… everything was gone. What else to do but start over. But I was missing a partner. A female partner. A model. A Muse… so I said… “I need to find ‘A New Pretty’ [female] to help me run this new business” (a woman’s touch always helps in design)… Thus ANewPretty was conceived!

1st Time I 👀 Keyshia KAOIR

  • I was hypnotized by her presence.
  • I had no idea she was marrying GuWop.
  • She was so majestic in her wedding gown.
  • She reminded me of my younger sister idk why
  • I had no idea who she was at the time
  • I was like: “That’s my sister!!!”


ANewPretty Perfection!

As soon as I laid eyes upon such splendor… I immediately knew… THAT’s EXACTLY what ANewPretty needs to look like. Attitude, Beauty, Fashion… And what more can you ask for in that regard than The 1st Lady herself??? She embodied the very substance of “Never Before Seen”… From head to toe! And it is rare for me to be in such admiration of another human… if in fact that’s what she is. I’d lean more towards Goddess or Celestial Being.

ANewPretty eventually evolved into an online digital magazine / fashion show / beauty contest… which btw KAOIR has consistently dominated w little to no effort lol… (& not because of her influence either… she’s just dope like that). During the course of ANewPretty’s emergence, KAOIR & her team have been instrumental in promotion, encouragement & support, far more so than anyone else. Even friends & family.

A Major Female Inspiration!

I think it’s important to note that I do not know Mrs Davis personally. However this has not prevented her from having a humongous impact & becoming a major influence in my personal as well as my professional growth & development.

I Guess Real Recognize Real

ANewCorporate KAOIR

ANewCorporate branched off as the creative design component of ANewPretty. No sooner than ANewCorporate started accepting commissions, Keyshia KAOIR & her team wasted no time in putting us right to work! I have a brother who owns a restaurant downtown Detroit & a few other family members who own businesses… NONE OF THEM even so much as OFFERED me an opportunity (even when I requested so). And I’m not saying that to be judgmental or complaining, no… But I want to do my best to communicate very clearly the sheer gratitude I have for this woman & how I would stand by her & defend her honor the exact same as GuWop would.

Dear Keyshia KAOIR

Thanks to you, I have made some great new friends like; KAOIR King, Amina & even got to link up & discuss business w Leticia my new business partner while visiting KAOIR at Bronner Bros Beauty Expo in Atlanta. KAOIR is one of the best friends I’ve ever had… Although we’ve never even met in person. But I swear she be reading my mind sometimes & furthermore I wouldn’t be surprised either lol. Thanks for everything Keyshia. I truly appreciate it. Happy Belated Birthday. Your Majesty.

Keyshia KAOIR Mojoita

A KAOIR Savage

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