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We ❤️ WordPress

WARNING!!! [Shocking Confession]: There was a point when I actually loathed even the mere “thought” of WordPress [*Audience GASPS amidst Shocking Theatrical Noise]… let alone an actual mentioning of such. [*groan] I mean, how much more glitchy & cumbersome can one content management system really be? But now??? We ❤️ WordPress

Until recently (particularly with updates such as WP Bakery, Elementor & a few other awesome new plugins) I literally could not fathom how any self respecting designer could subject themselves to even the remote possibility of the infamous “White Screen of Death” 😩

When I Caught Feelings For WordPress

  • Once I Got The Hang Of Elementor.
  • And I Familiarized The Dashboard.
  • Got The Hang of Using Plug Ins.
  • Made My First Contact Form.
  • Realized Theme Functions.
  • Made Menus & Footers.

As Lead Designer & Developer for ANewPretty, ANewCorporate & ANewExcellence… I was always tasked with selecting  website host accounts & build platforms for ourselves as well as our clients. Until recently I was an avid supporter of HTML5 / CSS3 / Java / BootStrap / w a dash of PHP for form functionality [] []… & then obviously FTP Upload the files (FileZilla perhaps?) directly to public html folder. The designs were always super tight & responsive. No clumsy clunky UI / UX. Modern, Fresh & Stylish Web Design. However I started to notice there was little room for growth & development without major coding overhauls at a later date. No good for growing blossoming industries… like ours.

Now We ❤️ WordPress

After The Polar Ace Partnership Project I gained a whole new respect for WordPress. Though I had experience working with WordPress in the past, I had yet to encounter a project of a magnitude such as The Polar Ace Project… which inspired my future web design ambitions & taught me to truly appreciate the value of WordPress & it’s almost infinite modification capabilities

What About HTML5 / CSS3 / BootStrap?

“It’s so haaarrrdddd… to say goodbyyyeeee… to yesterdayyyyy 🎵🎶”… -Boyz II Men said it best I guess. I’m so sorry HTML5 😩… We had a great run. It’s been swell. Really it has. Trust me. It’s not you… it’s me. Actually… it’s WordPress. Ya see… well… We ❤️ WordPress now… hey, maybe when I need a static info website w a cool design only you can provide… I might swing through for a quickie 😁

Actually the most interesting part about this whole thing to me is… How LATE I am to finally join the WordPress movement. 1 Thing About Me Though… I may show up late… but I Definitely Make A Massive & Most Excellent Entrance! And I must say… it feels good to finally be enjoying the benefits of WordPress as opposed to loathing it’s very existence. Quite refreshing actually. I feel like this is definitely a turning point in the evolution of ANewExcellence & will be pivotal to our ongoing success!

As I continue to explore & stimulate the WordPress matrix I anticipate tons of cool new web design capabilities & customization options. I feel like a kid who just realized the the “Monster in The Closet” is in all actuality a Giant “Candy Store”… ANewExcellence Candy Store… Where the candy comes wrapped in Flawless Diamond Wrappers 💎🌬

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